TWM is an organization setup for the urban class in our society who dream of an even better life with the aim of making the society better. This is put in place to bridge the increasing gap in our economy between the rich and the poor. With little efforts, members can mine their way to financial freedom as well as better the lives of others. The beauty of networking is put in play and members use it as a tool to grow from the MINER stage to the apex which is the DIAMOND stage. There is never a boring moment as miners are encouraged and rewarded for certain feats. Miners are also advised to venture into various businesses which will benefit the society.

Gems are precious stones used in

The Wealth Miners to describe different stages as well as their rewards.

There are 4 major stages which are tagged with 4 gem stones based on value. They are:

  1. Sapphire (worth N200,000)
  2. Ruby (worth N400,000)
  3. Topaz (worth N500,000)
  4. Diamond (worth N700,000)

This makes up a total of N1,800,000 which a miner benefits from one cycle.


This is where all miners go to pay for a mine field.

Miners are expected to pay for a mine field to complete the signup process.

Vendors are available to sell the mine fields to miners.

Miners are advised to only pay into account details displayed on a vendor/agent’s page after speaking to the vendor.

Earn #1.8m regularly with ease

Sign Up
3-time Diamond members are eligible for our all-expense paid trip to Dubai or Seychelles which comes every January and July. A member must have completed the Diamond stage three times 30 days before the time of travel.



“I love this Network. In 4 weeks of joining I have grown to the Ruby Stage earning 600k. Really, where else can I get something like this with the number of downlines Have? TWM all the way.”
Victor U - Abuja